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Publisher’s Perspective: ‘Does Not Bother Me None’ – Until It Affects Me, That Is!

Now is the time for us in the automotive aftermarket to speak up about data. The industry had to fight for more than a decade to get ‘Right to Repair’ passed. Now is the time to start this battle before existing practices become accepted as business as usual.

Publisher’s Perspective: These Are Exciting Times

Business is about change by its very nature. Some new ideas work and survive and some don’t. Our job is to look for these opportunities to grow and change.

Publisher’s Perspective: Ok, I’ve Had It!

I am done with false marketing hype and offers. This includes all marketing offers, not just on price. It includes free trips, lifetime warranties and all of that. It is time for some sanity in the offerings department.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s A Whole New Year, But The Elephant Is Still There!

We need to tout this industry for its virtues instead of harping on its challenges. If we don’t want to do it, why would others?

Publisher’s Perspective: Yes, There Is A Future In Auto Parts Distribution

There are 250 million vehicles out there. They are not going to fix themselves.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s A Big Challenge, But We Have Help

In all of my travels around the distribution market, as well as in the collision and mechanical repair spaces, there seems to be no bigger challenge than the lack of skilled workers.

Publisher’s Perspective: Brands, Built Over Many Years, Must Be Protected Like Gold  

I’ve recently been involved in discussions about brands. Some hold their brand with very high regard, and others dismiss its value and importance very quickly. In my tenure in this business, I’ve always been in the first group. Please do not mentally check out here because you don’t think you have a brand. We all have a brand, even if it’s our own personal brand.

Publisher’s Perspective: Hey George, Elroy Is 50

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “Wow, just like on The Jetsons — it is a reality.”

Publisher’s Perspective: Don’t Be Distracted By The Shiny Object In The Corner

We have things coming at us from places we never would have thought of. Awareness is a key business skill and it may even be critical to our survival.

Publisher’s Perspective: It Just Made Sense

Never has the time been better for a young person to enter the industry than right now. We are still growing and, due to the imbalance in our aging senior leadership, there are going to be lots of options.

I Am Still Amazed

Right to Repair was a huge win for all of us in the aftermarket, but storm clouds are on the horizon. The fight over data in our vehicles is about to heat up and the OEs are not going to back down on this one.

Guest Commentary: Use Your Auto Parts Knowledge As A Great Customer Satisfaction Tool

It does not matter whether you are selling PB&E products to body shops or in the parts store selling products to shops that service vehicles — we are all in the service business.

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