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Avoiding Ignition Coil Failures and Returns

In a perfect world, a flashing check engine light for a misfire would always be solved by installing a new ignition coil. If this were true, there would never be any parts returns. The reality is that a misfire can be more than a missing spark from an ignition coil. Ignition coils can vary greatly

The #1 Cause of Spark Plug Failure

Many factors can cause a spark plug to fail; from incorrect heat ranges to improper gapping, to chemical contamination. Yet 90% of spark plug damage claims are due to improper torque. Proper installation torque is critical in the plug’s ability to dissipate heat out of the combustion chamber and into the cylinder head. Not using

Five Things You Need to Know About Spark Plugs

1. Anti-seize  Anti-seize helps prevent corrosion of spark plug threads. However, not all spark plugs require the use of anti-seize. Some spark plug manufacturers add specialized coatings to their threads, eliminating the need for anti-seize. In fact, using anti-seize on a spark plug that has thread coating can result in over-torqueing, leading to engine and/or