Mandy Aguilar, Author at aftermarketNews
Guest Commentary: Our Principal-Agent Problem

Normally, the person making the buying decision is the person paying for that purchase; but, as we all know, this is not the case for everything we buy.

Guest Commentary: Mandy In The Middle

“The middle is lonely but crowded,” writes Counterman contributor Mandy Aguilar about his role in the supply chain.

Guest Commentary: Trapped In A Meeting

In a connected economy, you want to connect with your customers at all times. Speed-to-respond time is but one more essential requirement of doing business today.

Lesson No. 1: Never Mess With A Customer’s Sombrero

Counterman contributor Mandy Aguilar shares with us the customer service experience that he carries with him to this day.

Guest Commentary – I Admit It: I’m Afraid Of Driverless Cars

I recently realized I have been asleep at the wheel; that is, the wheel of driverless cars. You’d think a hopeless techie like me would have been all over driverless cars; but, the truth is, I have been avoiding the subject like the plague.

The software powering Google's cars is called Google Chauffeur and was in the testing phase by Google. at the time of this picture in April 2014.
Commentary: Auto Parts Salespeople Rely On A Team  

Being in sales is often a lonely game; lonesome ol’ you, going head-to-head, mano-a-mano with your accounts looking for that sweet “Yes, I’ll buy from you.” But the truth is, most salespeople are not alone — we usually belong to a team, a group of like-minded people willing to risk frequent and brutal rejection in pursuit of sales Nirvana.

GUEST COMMENTARY: This Is My Rifle … I Mean, Keyboard.

In my career selling auto parts, a keyboard is the closest thing to a weapon I have ever wielded.

Think About All The Generations Of Customers You Want To Target And Go Where They Are

As a Boomer marketer myself, I learned a trick or two about selling to my peeps; however, I feel the tide has been turning and there are just too many non-Boomers out there buying auto parts for me to ignore.

Technology That Makes Us Look Like Magicians

Boring, normal, same ol’ license plates are making a tech splash as of late! At a time when the world is embracing the “Internet of Things,” with “dumb” appliances getting smart, it’s great to see the un-exciting vehicle license plate stepping into the tech limelight.

Guest Commentary – Flash: We’re Delivering Auto Parts Faster Than Pizza

I remember the days years ago when we made zero deliveries to our customers. The “you want it, come and get it before I close the door” business mindset was the norm back then; but, it was doomed to cease.

Don’t Hide – The Online Identity Based Economy Is Here

Join the crowd and make sure you don’t leave your company behind a pseudonym.

Auto Parts Globalization: Learning Japanese In Mexico

“If all of our counterpros kept a map of the planet and placed a tack on every country in the world they sell a part out of, in a year our office supplies expenses would certainly multiply,” says Mandy Aguilar of The Parts House in Jacksonville, Fla.