Jay Burkhart, Author at aftermarketNews
Guest Commentary: Silicon Valley Changing Our Game

“This next cycle of technology will have impact not only on the design and operation of the vehicle itself but also on consumer behavior and how people engage with their cars,” writes industry veteran Jay Burkhart.

Guest Commentary: Consumer Adoption Of Technology Is The Key!

Jay Burkhart By its very nature, the automotive sector is an engineering-driven industry. Over time, cars have evolved as technological wonders, pushing new frontiers in horsepower, drivability, fuel-efficiency and safety. The best and the brightest mechanical engineers not only have designed and developed innovations to enhance the physical performance of machines, they also have operationalized

Making Global Product Management Easier

How do you determine if parts being sold in the U.S. or Europe have applications that can generate revenue in other parts of the world? And how do you identify vehicles that are more likely to have the same components as those on the road in different countries?