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Non-Competition Agreements: Understanding Them And Creating Them, Simply Put

In this latest installment from the HR Landscape article series, Howard Kesten of APA Search gives us a clear, concise look at non-compete agreements and the pros and cons for both employers and job seekers.

HR Landscape Article Series: A Recruiter Called Me – Now What?

In this latest installment from Howard Kesten of APA Search, Kesten writes, “If you are good at what you do you will undoubtedly receive an unsolicited call from a recruiter, however, it can be a bit unnerving. As we’ve learned, any number of thoughts can fly through a candidate’s mind when they first receive a call from a recruiter.”

HR Landscape Article Series: Fast Vs. Slow – Harnessing The Wisdom And Experience Of Older Professionals

One of the greatest misconceptions that employers have is that there will be more longevity with younger professionals than older professionals.

HR Landscape Article Series: The Real Cost Of Hiring The Wrong Candidate

“Hiring the wrong executives or employees for any of the wrong reasons is a formula for disaster,” writes Howard Kesten of APA Search.

How To Ace A Job Interview: Part 2 Of The Keeping Pace With The Changing Aftermarket Employment Landscape Article Series

Interviewing can often be a daunting task. How many times have you, as a candidate, felt drained after an interview, and wished you had prepared better? Or even worse, you wish the interview had never taken place. Use our roadmap to ace your future interviews.

Keeping Pace With The Changing Aftermarket Employment Landscape, Part 1

For nearly three decades, APA Search has helped numerous aftermarket companies find great talent. The firm has worked with clients to help fine-tune their organizational structure as well as develop successful succession strategies. In the coming weeks, Howard Kesten and APA Search will share with AMN readers some practices that will help keep your company staffed with the most qualified executives, rather than the most available. If you’re a career-seeker, we’ll provide you with the secret sauce for effective and successful interviewing. This week, we kick off with a look at the winning “People Practices” used at today’s most successful aftermarket companies.