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Herman Trend Alert: Overtime to Increase

Under ideal conditions, employers have just the right number of employees to perform the work that needs to be done. Overtime payroll costs are minimal, incurred only in those rare instances when there is some unusual circumstance or a critical employee is ill or on vacation. Over the past few years, companies have reduced employment to minimum staffing levels. People have been asked to work extra hours from time to time on an “as-needed” basis. This strategy has been a preferred alternative to hiring more people and increasing fixed payroll costs.

Herman Trend Alert: What Some Recruiters Look For

As futurists, we are often asked by concerned parents what advice they should give to their children. What courses to take? Where will the jobs be in the future? Because of the speed of evolution of occupations and technology, we recommend that young people study liberal arts to gain a good grounding in a wide range of areas. Students learn how to research and explore, solve problems and make decisions, challenge and collaborate—vital skills in today’s workplace. We’ve seen another trend emerging recently.