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The Herman Trend Alert: The Humanity Factor

As companies embrace technology, it’s fundamental to remember the human beings who will be interfacing with it.

The Most Overlooked Worker Segment

Gender and age bias are not going away soon. Learning how to work around them will be very valuable to your career pathing.

Post-COVID Career Shifts, Part 2

This week’s Alert is about what employers can (and must) do – if they want to stay in business.

Post-COVID Re-Orientation

As employees return to the workplace, business leaders have a unique opportunity to conduct employee re-orientation.

The 4-Day Work Week: Not A Pipe Dream Anymore

When Microsoft employees got Fridays off, their work time was reduced by 20% and their productivity increased by 40%.

Women Reentering The Workforce Vital To Recovery

A recent study suggests that policies that help bring women back into the labor force tend to benefit the economy overall.

Herman Trend Alert: Gamifying Small Business Marketing

Old and young alike, human beings love to play games. It’s in our DNA.

Developing Employees With Positive Digital Experiences

Imagine as a leader having an always-on, alter ego there to develop your direct reports.

Herman Trend Alert: Small Business Pivots For Pandemic Success

This Herman Trend Alert addresses three effective pivots.

Top 6 Top Consumer Trends To Watch In 2021

Survey looks at top consumer expectations for brands in this era of uncertainty.

Herman Trend Alert: 2021 Workforce-Workplace Forecast Part 2

Part two of a series on workplace trends for 2021.

Herman Trend Alert: 2021 Workforce-Workplace Forecast Part 1

2021 may be even more challenging as we emerge from Normal 2.0 into Normal 3.0.