Dick Cross, Author at aftermarketNews
Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Thermo Nuclear Influence

It’s easy to get carried away with ourselves in our Jobs At The Top.

Guest Commentary By Dick Cross: Credibility Poison

Every time you lose it, you lose more than your cool. Lose your cool, and you lose respect. Lose your cool, and you lose trust. Lose your cool, and you lose commitment … from those you need most to help you achieve your intentions.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Continuous Turnaround

We’ve all heard about them. And still they baffle us. How do they do it? Is it even imaginable that my company ever could become one, too? They’re the businesses everybody talks about. The ones continually leaving everyone gasping in their wakes.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Go For Broke!

Particularly in this economy, way too many of us have become “min-maxers” – approaching our Jobs At The Top of our organizations to minimize the maximum risk.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Duty Versus Responsibility

Duty comes from the inside. It’s not transactional. It’s moral. And derives from a clear understanding of the principles by which you are going to live your life. It’s neither quantifiable nor time-bound. And yours are the only opinions that matter when it comes to measuring yourself against your standard.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Character At The Top

Your personal character is the crucible for a fission-driven atmosphere of zeal in your business. And it can come from no other source than you.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Tri-Focal Goggles For Greatness

Businesses arise because someone has an idea that generates revenues sufficient to cover the costs. From there, success depends on our cleverness in looking through the close-up
lenses of your tri-focal goggles and perfecting execution.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: The ‘L’ Word

Love’s a word we seldom use in business. But if you peel back the wrapping from your power of emulation – your highest voltage tool for building followership – what you’ll find at the core is love.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Be The Lore

We love stories about others who inspire us, wishing we were more like them. It’s why we watch sports, buy People magazine. It’s why we all have heroes. Your employees are no different.

Guest Commentary From Dick Cross: Kill Your Culture!

How to break out, and create a culture that vibrates with guts and verve? It’s not too hard nor does it take very long. If, you personally, have got the guts and verve to make it happen.

Guest Commentary – Dick Cross: Some Frogs Never Die

The product lifecycle concept hit business in the 1970s with the up-force of an atomic bomb. Bruce Henderson’s application of biological reality to competitive commerce – that businesses, like organisms including frogs, proceed from embryos through growth to maturity then age and die – skyrocketed into the stratosphere of “natural law.” But today we’re seeing more frequent exceptions. Businesses don’t follow the inevitability of the cycle. Frogs continually defy the dynamic of biology, leaving others weakening on their lily pads while they spring ahead.

GUEST COMMENTARY – Dick Cross: Your ‘Uber’ Weapon? Emulation!

Here’s a surprise for many people in Jobs At The Top. You are the strongest force in your company! If you don’t feel that way – you likely not doing your job well enough.