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Audio Interview: SAE CyberSecurity For Commercial Vehicles – An American Perspective

This 13-minute interview features Gloria D’Anna, an engineer, strategist, entrepreneur and multiple patent holder, and author of the book “SAE’s CyberSecurity for Commercial Vehicles.”

Advertisement’s latest Audio Interview, “SAE CyberSecurity for Commercial Vehicles: An American Perspective,” features Gloria D’Anna, engineer, strategist, entrepreneur and multiple patent holder, and author of the book “SAE’s CyberSecurity for Commercial Vehicles.”

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In the 13-minute Audio Interview, D’Anna discusses these questions:

  • I saw SAE in the title. Can you tell our listeners what that refers to and your involvement with the organization?
  • What are some differences between automotive and commercial vehicle cybersecurity?
  • What I found interesting was in the chapter 6 When “Trucks Stop, America Stops” and “the timeline that stated within 4 weeks no clean drinking water.” Would you like to expand on that theory or any other items? What should we as consumers be concerned about?
  • Can you give your perspectives on some harsh realities that show potential impacts if things do go array when cyber-attacks occur on commercial vehicles?
  • So after reading the book what would be the main themes you would like to leave the audience with?

D’Anna is an engineer, strategist, entrepreneur and multiple patent holder. She likes to solve difficult problems, from future light commercial vehicles, to beefing up cybersecurity of vehicles, always rolling out new tech, reducing inefficiencies and driving business.


She began her career at GM, winning an MBA Fellowship at the University of Chicago, moving on to Ford, Navistar, Textron, Eaton and Ricardo. Later, she led sales at three successful start-ups, addressing challenges from school safety to building connected devices for law enforcement.

Gloria has been working with SAE for the past seven years, creating and moderating popular and educational cybersecurity sessions from Commercial Vehicles to the Internet of Things. Her 2018 book, “SAE’s CyberSecurity for Commercial Vehicles” is her first book.

She is the recipient of SAE International’s 2018 Forest R. McFarland Award for Automobile Electronics Activity.

She is currently CEO of General Telecom Systems, a private telecommunications company, and on the Board of Atmos XR, an adviser to 202 Partners, a lead mentor for Techstars Mobility, a member of the Uptane Advisory Board, and on the Main Committee for SAE G-32 for Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee. She recently joined Ford in Rf Systems – working on advanced vehicles.


D’Anna holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Kettering University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago in Finance and Marketing.

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