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Audio Interview: Important Tips For Protecting Your IP From China

This 14-minute interview features Fred Rocafort, attorney with HarrisBricken, who focuses on international IP and customs and trade issues.

Advertisement’s latest Audio Interview, “Important Tips for Protecting Your IP from China,” features Fred Rocafort. Rocafort is an attorney with HarrisBricken, and focuses on international IP and customs and trade issues

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In the 14-minute Audio Interview, Rocafort discusses the following questions:

  • With regard to IP, what are the most serious IP-related risks faced by U.S. and other foreign companies when doing business in China?
  • Are there any essential steps that foreign companies must take in order to protect their IP in China?
  • Can foreign companies expect fair treatment when dealing with Chinese law enforcement and courts?
  • Are any of your recommendations applicable in countries other than China, such as alternative manufacturing destinations in Southeast Asia?

About Fred Rocafort

Rocafort is a former diplomat who joined Harris Bricken after more than a decade of international legal experience, primarily in China, Vietnam and Thailand. His wide range of experience includes starting and operating his own business in Asia, working as an in-house counsel for a Hong Kong-based multinational, as well as many years as a State Department official, providing a client-centric perspective to his legal work.

Rocafort began his career overseas as a U.S. vice-consul in Guangzhou, China, adjudicating thousands of visa applications and advocating for fairer treatment of American companies and citizens in China and for stronger anti-counterfeiting enforcement. After entering the private sector, he worked at a Shanghai law firm as a foreign legal adviser and later joined one of the oldest American law firms in China. He also led the legal team at a Hong Kong-based brand protection consultancy, spending most of his time out in the field, protecting clients against counterfeiters and fraudsters from Binh Duong to Buenos Aires.


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