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Audio Interview: Automotive R&D And Alternative Energy Solutions In India

This 11-minute interview features Rashmi Urdhwareshe, director, Automotive Research Association of India, and senior vice president – SAE India.

Advertisement’s latest Audio Interview, “Automotive R&D and Alternative Energy Solutions in India,” features Rashmi Urdhwareshe, director, Automotive Research Association of India. Urdhwareshe serves as the chair/vice chair of various national bodies such as Transport Engineering Division Council (TEDC), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS);  Automotive Industry Standards Committee; and the Working Party on Pollution and Energy (GRPE) at the Global Forum under UN-ECE at Geneva during period 2014-2017. She also is senior vice president of SAE-India.

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In the 11-minute Audio Interview, Urdhwareshe discusses these questions:

  • What’s India’s focus on alternate energy solutions and how is your institute involved in this?
  • Is India ready for EV transformation?
  • How is your institute working on the areas of vehicle and transportation safety?
  • What mega trends do you anticipate?
  • Fast deteriorating air quality is a major concern in metro cities. What are your thoughts/actions toward mitigation? 

About Rashmi Urdhwareshe

Urdhwareshe has a distinguished academic career, including a Master’s in Electronics Engineering, Certified Quality Auditor (ASQ), Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ), Diploma in Corporate Directorship (WCCG). She is co-author of a book on Total Quality Management.


She also is a recipient of several awards like “Woman Excellence Award 2015” (by Rotary International, Pune), “Distinguished Alumnus” awards, “Engineering Excellence Award-2017 (SAE-India Foundation), “Lifetime Achievement Award-2018” (ODSER Trust), “Industry Custodian of the Year-2018 (E-Mobility+), Most Influential Corporate Personality 2019 (Morpheus), etc.

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