ASA Testifies At Massachusetts Right To Repair Hearing

ASA Testifies At Massachusetts Right To Repair Hearing

Automotive Service Association President Ray Fisher testified at the hearing.

The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure held a hearing recently discussing Right to Repair legislation being considered in the Massachusetts Legislature.

Automotive Service Association President Ray Fisher testified at the hearing alongside Kevin DiVito, president of Mobile Auto Solutions, LLC, and Matt LaMontagne, VP at New England Service Station and Auto Repair Association (NESSARA).

In his testimony to the panel, Fisher said, “As mentioned earlier, I am here today because of our concern about vehicle data access and the path forward with rapidly changing vehicle technologies.” He continued, “Our members can repair today’s vehicles. We want to ensure that this remains true in the future. We have no interest in much of the other data that is being discussed today. We understand it is imperative, for our customer’s sake, that the security and integrity of these complex systems remains protected. ASA is open to any path that allows our constituents to continue to service their customers’ vehicles.”

Fisher reiterated that ASA doesn’t oppose the Right to Repair legislation being discussed, however “we are concerned about a 50 state data access regulatory structure along with the additional costs incurred because of the potential 50 distinct regulations required to comply…[and] the ability to repair vehicles in the future without timely access to the necessary repair data while at the same time, maintaining the security and integrity of these complex systems.”

Meanwhile, DiVito included in his testimony, “Our whole business is based on repair data being widely available. You just have to know where to look for it and how to use it. We are able to service current model year vehicles with identical equipment to the dealer. We are able to program new vehicle modules and keys, view dealer level service information, and calibrate semi-autonomous vehicles with OE tools and procedures. There is one growing OE gap and that is with Tesla. It does not currently offer a way for the aftermarket to scan and program their vehicles.”

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