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ASA Announces New Regional Model Expansion

A 50-state regional structure will take place to represent every member with “One Voice,” ASA says.


The ASA National Headquarters Office hosted a multi-day planning retreat for its newly appointed Regional Executive Directors, along with existing and new staff to go over key initiatives, plan for 2022 and look forward to a new chapter in the organization’s history. 


Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, the association says it will be entering a new era as it implements a new and innovative association model leveraging its expansive history to create a single, unified industry voice. A 50-state regional structure will take place to represent every member with “One Voice,” ASA says. 

The new regional structure offers a membership subscription dues model at a new lower annual fee. This will allow ASA to personally touch every state while improving member benefits.

“We are proud to be the most established and strongest trade association that has represented all independent repair and collision shops for the past 70 years,” said Fred Hules, Jr., ASA chairman. “Under the new 50-state regional structure, shops across the country can enjoy a better membership experience.” 


Blair Calvo, ASA’s vice president of Regional Services and interim executive director, added, “With dues only $270 per year, you will see the benefit of your investment more than ever as it provides greater opportunity for growth.” 

Calvo shared that the Board recently received an email from a current member who wrote:

“ASA has made the right move to create regional support to cover all 50 states. This will help those that already had a local affiliate as well as those who didn’t have a local ASA affiliation. This paves the way for more members to join and give our ASA Washington representative Bob Redding a stronger voice as he is defending our industry. We must all work together to support our industry to help ensure that we are here and thriving for decades to come. ASA has helped with countless legislation that could have been detrimental to our industry over the last 70 years. This move will set them up to continue the fight for the next 70 years.” 



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