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APRA Europe Merges With Firm

Together, they now represent more than 1,000 remanufacturing companies in Europe.


APRA Europe, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association Europe, and FIRM, the International Federation of Engine Remanufacturers, have announce their merger, which took effect on Jan. 1, 2021. By making this step they are now representing a vast majority of the European remanufacturing market and represent more than 1,000 companies.


APRA and FIRM share a long tradition in the automotive aftermarket and follow very similar purposes and activities. Both associations represent the interests of the parts remanufacturing industry in Europe. While FIRM acts as an umbrella organization of national engine remanufacturing associations and companies and therefore has a clear focus on the engine business, APRA members can be any private or legal entity related to the general remanufacturing business and field of science.

Because of a very successful and close cooperation for many years, APRA Europe and FIRM are now joining forces. By making this step, the associations will be able to offer a higher quality of services to all members and represent a larger share in the market and therefore have a stronger voice toward stakeholders and decision-makers.


Together, APRA Europe and FIRM members represent a market volume of more than 1.5 billion EUR with 25,000 employees in Europe. This is equivalent to about two-thirds of the European remanufacturing industry.

APRA Europe Chairman Dr. Koehler commented, “I am more than happy that we could realize this merger which was overdue. With this combined broad member base, representing the vast majority of the European remanufacturing branch, we are now able to pave the way for still better recognition of our businesses. As a member-driven association this brings a lot more value to them.”

For the global orientation of APRA, its broad member base and its comprehensive management infrastructure, FIRM merges with and into APRA Europe. The name and recognized brand “FIRM” will be kept and established as a working group for engine remanufacturing inside APRA Europe. The working group will initially be chaired by current FIRM President Clemens Ortgies. To him “the merger makes perfect sense. Only for historic reasons, we were organized and managed in slightly different manners. Now, we have the great opportunity to bring the remanufacturing branch closer together under the same roof,” he said.


APRA Europe and FIRM say they are confident that this step marks an important milestone for both associations as well as the remanufacturing landscape and makes the associations still stronger together.



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