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AMECA, MEMA Announce LeafMark Program

A new web portal is available for companies to certify their brake friction material for environmental compliance. 



Automotive Manufacturer Equipment Compliance Agency Inc. (AMECA) has announced its new program as a third-party registrar for the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association’s (MEMA) LeafMark program this month.  

MEMA, through Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) division, along with the Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC), a council of AASA, has developed the LeafMark Certification Program which is designed to certify that brake friction materials manufactured by third parties have passed certain environmental composition standards. 

AMECA’s web portal data submission process and editing dashboard display.

AMECA also introduced its new web portal for companies to certify their brake friction material for environmental compliance. 

AMECA’s new web portal allows for quick submission of data and test report requests for self-certification. The new database design also allows for the speedy remedy to common errors and typos. It gives the manufacturer full control of their data submission with complete transparency throughout the certification process. Components of brake friction material are regulated by some states, most notably California and Washington. These states have strict registration and use requirements with severe penalties for non-compliance. AMECA is now a third-party registrar who can register materials for California and Washington.   



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