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Allison Transmission Rebrands Vehicle Test Center

The rebranded Vehicle Electrification and Environmental Test Center (VE+ET) reflects expanded capabilities.


Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional, electric hybrid and fully electric vehicle propulsion solutions, announced it has significantly expanded the electrification testing capabilities at its Vehicle Environmental Test Center, which will be rebranded as the Vehicle Electrification and Environmental Test Center (VE+ET).

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The company says its branding has evolved to better represent the extensive capabilities of the facility, as well as the manner in which Allison engineers, external partners and clients are leveraging the facility. Located on the campus of Allison Transmission’s global headquarters in Indianapolis, the Vehicle Electrification and Environmental Test Center is the only one of its kind in the Midwest, offering a truly unique set of capabilities, the company adds. The state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of repeatable, reliable and seasonally- independent vehicle electrification testing.

“Recognizing the value of this unique resource and considering Allison’s extensive knowledge of battery management and system level integration, Allison engineers, along with our OEM partners are leveraging the Vehicle Electrification and Environmental Test Center to facilitate electric vehicle development and validation programs,” said Branden Harbin, Executive Director of Global Marketing at Allison Transmission. “These engagements are an opportunity to support the continued development of fully electric propulsion solutions, as well as deepen and develop partnerships with established OEMs and new entrants.”


Opened in 2020, the 60,000-square-foot VE+ET Center houses a hot soak chamber, a cold soak chamber, and two chassis dyne-equipped environmental chambers capable of simulating a broad range of duty cycles. Environmental conditions from negative 54 degrees to positive 125 degrees Fahrenheit, altitudes up to 18,000 feet, as well as grades and other on-road conditions can be simulated within the facility. A recently added thermal feature simulates solar radiant heat to support HVAC testing.

The two testing chambers can accommodate most commercial on-highway, off-highway and wheeled defense vehicle applications, in addition to automotive passenger vehicles. Testing is applicable for a wide range of propulsion systems, including conventional powertrains, alternative fuel, electric hybrid, fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


As the demand increases to test and validate larger battery electric vehicles, Allison extended the test center’s Battery Emulation capability to accommodate above 500 kilowatts with a maximum of 900 volts DC. This allows for around the clock testing without the need to stop and recharge, resulting in more testing completed in a shorter timeframe. Battery emulators are ideal for battery replacement during test, modified state of charge, and/or any additional DC load on vehicles. In addition, the Vehicle Electrification and Environmental Test Center offers commercial fast charging capabilities at 150 kilowatts, furthering development in preparation for tomorrow’s fleets.

“Allison was proud to announce the expansion and rebrand of the Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Center for the first time at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo,” said David Proctor, general manager, Allison Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Center. “The services available at the facility allow OEMs to push their development dollars further while reducing design and discovery time, simplifying the process to help them get to market faster.”


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