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Allison Transmission Announces Connected Capabilities With Saucon Technologies

Intelligent transportation management platform is adding Allison diagnostic codes to its suite of cloud-based software, hardware and analytics tools.


Allison Transmission has collaborated with Saucon Technologies, a provider of technology solutions for the allisontransmission.compassenger transportation industry, to deliver transmission health information to motorcoach, public transit and school bus fleets. Transmission health information can include prognostics to monitor various operating parameters, oil and filter life and diagnostic transmission information. This partnership is part of an ongoing program to provide fleets with actionable information to support their fourth- and fifth-generation Allison transmissions that are already in service.

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“We are pleased to partner with Saucon Technologies as they extend new capabilities and value to existing customer fleets. We look forward to working with Saucon and seeing the great results that we can accomplish together,” said John Coll, senior vice president, global marketing, sales and service with Allison Transmission.

Saucon’s intelligent transportation management platform provides a full suite of cloud-based software, hardware and analytics tools designed for the passenger transportation industry. From GPS fleet tracking and onboard video to remote engine diagnostics, the company’s Internet of Things-enabled solutions are designed to save clients time and money.


“Teaming with Allison, a premier transmission manufacturer has been an extremely productive and rewarding collaboration. Our goal at Saucon is to be able to provide as much data from as many onboard systems as possible, in near real-time. This allows our customers to manage the overall health of their vehicles through the use of our Cloud-based portal. Allison’s expertise, in regard to their transmissions, turns the data into actionable intelligence, which can lower maintenance costs, reduce downtime and deliver improved vehicle performance. We look forward to future innovation and growing our relationship with the Allison team,” said Rich Shelley, Saucon executive vice president, sales and marketing.


Allison says it is committed to powering the global connected vehicle ecosystem with telematics system providers, fleet-management software providers and original equipment manufacturers to support existing and new customers with connected capabilities. Support for additional vocations and global regions is planned.



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