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Alligator Sens.It RS TPMS Now Covers 5th-Gen Toyota Supra

This car is one of a growing number of Toyota vehicles that can auto learn TPMS sensors.


Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now cover the recently re-launched fifth generation Toyota Supra and provides the full array of OE functionalities included in this new sports car.


This car is one of a growing number of Toyota vehicles that can auto learn TPMS sensors. Unlike other vehicles that must be initialized into learning mode using the TPMS reset button, the car’s system should automatically learn the changes (new tires, wheels or sensors) after driving for a few minutes, and it should update the tire pressures on the control display.

However, if the new settings aren’t detected automatically, they can then be inputted manually: on the Toyota Supra Command menu, select My Vehicle, Vehicle Status, Tire Pressure Monitor, Tire Settings. Select the set type (summer/winter), then set it as current. Select the tire type that is mounted on the rear (tire size & rating) and the maximum speed. Finally, select Confirm Settings and drive the vehicle. The process is complete once the tires change from gray to green in the display. The current tire pressures will be set as the baseline psi for the system also.


The sensor also supports the system’s location-specific status of the tires: green shows that the TPMS is functioning normally and all tires have nominal pressures (based on the baseline psi), yellow indicates a flat tire or a major drop in pressure, and grey means that there’s a sensor/system malfunction or the display is still storing the changes during the drive after a reset. Certain models also can show the current tire temperatures on the display.

When replacing OEM sensors with aftermarket sensors, RS series TPMS sensors from Alligator will provide all the functionality your car delivers. Regardless of the tool you use to program your Alligator TPMS sensors, this new vehicle should be available for programming after you complete the latest update, the company says.


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