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ALLDATA Launches Instructor Toolkit

The toolkit will make it easier for instructors to create a curriculum that meets ASE accreditation standards.


ALLDATA has launched the Instructor Toolkit, a turnkey resource for automotive and collision repair vocational training programs, developed in partnership with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation.


The Instructor Toolkit will make it easy for auto repair educators to create curriculum that meets ASE accreditation standards for researching OEM repair information. The first to be released is “Maintenance and Light Repair.” It is included at no additional cost for educational subscriptions to ALLDATA Repair, with Instructor Toolkits for “Collision Repair and Refinish” (ALLDATA Collision) and “Writing a Work Order” (ALLDATA Shop Manager) to follow.

For schools to attain ASE accreditation, they must follow the task list in the ASE standards guide. Each Instructor Toolkit follows this format, with tasks for students that mirror the task list at the end of the ASE standards guide. It also includes specific vehicle examples (year/make/model/engine) and the navigation path to the required information in ALLDATA. 


To ensure accuracy and consistency with ASE standards, the Instructor Toolkit was developed with the guidance of an advisory panel that includes educators in both general repair and body work, ranging from first year instructors to I-CAR Platinum Master Instructors and ASE Certified Master Technicians, including public, for-profit, high school, and college-level institutions. 

“We are honored that ALLDATA is partnering with the ASE Education Foundation to help advance the goals of certification and training in the automotive industry,” said Mike Coley, president of the ASE Education Foundation. “ALLDATA’s new toolkit includes lesson planners that instructors can use when training students to help them locate relevant service information and all the information is aligned to the ASE Education Foundation standards. We have established great partnerships throughout the automotive industry, and we are excited to welcome ALLDATA’s support of the ASE Education Foundation.”


The Instructor Toolkit is the latest addition to ALLDATA’s educational initiative. Currently, more than 2,000 schools incorporate ALLDATA in their curriculum, including high schools, community/junior colleges, and technical schools.

“Getting more trained technicians into shops is a major priority for our industry,” said Satwinder Mangat, President, ALLDATA. “We’re very pleased to have developed this ASE-aligned resource with input from our advisory panel. By taking advantage of the Instructor Toolkit, educators can help students be better prepared for success in the workplace using ALLDATA, the number one source of unedited OEM information used by professionals in shops today.” 


ALLDATA’s education initiative also includes the Certified Automotive Information Specialist (CAIS) program. Passing ALLDATA’s CAIS certification test means students have the skills and knowledge needed to use ALLDATA Repair or ALLDATA Collision at a professional level.