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AccuAir Suspension Launches Product Sales, New E-Commerce Site

Brand and product sales for AccuAir are now being launched by Arnott LLC, after acquiring the company in late 2020.

AccuAir Suspension, maker of next generation air suspension control products, has launched product sales after being acquired by Arnott LLC late last year. E-commerce sales are now available via the company’s new website,, for both dealers and direct-to-consumer sales. 

The launch includes AccuAir’s cornerstone products, such as the e-Level+ control system, including the e+ Connect ECU with built-in Bluetooth 5.0, and air supply and accessory components. The product offering now available for sale was designed for next generation air suspension control for automotive applications.

“Since Arnott LLC acquired the AccuAir brand in late 2020, we’ve been working hard to launch sales of the brand’s cornerstone air suspension products,” said Ryan Rutledge, AccuAir Suspension’s director of controls. “We’re proud to be launching the brand and products for both wholesale and retail sales. Additionally, we plan to have some exciting new product announcements happening soon.” 

As part of the brand’s long-anticipated reemergence, a new, e-commerce driven website has also been launched. The site features more robust e-commerce options than ever before, designed with consumer education in mind. Air suspension enthusiasts can find all of the information needed to build a custom air suspension system for their vehicle.

The current product offering includes:
•    e-Level e+ Connect ECU Upgrade
•    e+ Connect Wireless Controller
•    Height+ TruPosition Height Sensors
•    TouchPad+
•    ENDO-T and ENDO-VT air tanks
•    Air Compressors
•    Plumbing Kits and Accessories
•    Valve Manifolds
•    Replacement Parts
•    ePlus app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play)

For more information on AccuAir Suspension and its products, visit A list of AccuAir dealers can be found at

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