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ACAT Global Unveils Catalytic Converter Theft Solution

The solution provides relief for vehicle owners who have suffered from the theft of a catalytic converter during the surge.


 ACAT Global, an innovator in emissions control technology for internal combustion engines, will enhance the availability of its advanced metallic substrate catalytic converters for installation shops nationwide to provide relief for vehicle owners who suffered the theft of a catalytic converter during the recent surge. Catalytic converters from ACAT Global are made in the USA and are not subject to supply chain issues that are delaying the installation of replacement units from other companies. 


According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, claims for stolen catalytic converters have surged 325 percent from 2019 to 2020. ACAT Global’s metallic substrate catalytic converters are Federal compliant and its technology also meets California emissions compliance. 

“Catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed worldwide, which has led to environmental damage as well as an increased financial burden on consumers for replacement catalytic converters,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “Foreign supply chain issues and daunting OEM costs are making it difficult for consumers to install replacement units. Our ‘made in USA’ catalytic converters can help rectify that grim situation.” 

The surge in catalytic converter thefts and challenges with high replacement costs has led some states to address the problem through legislation.

“In Louisiana, Governor Edwards signed a bill that would make catalytic converter theft punishable by up to ten years in prison,” said Moch. “We applaud policymakers who are seeking meaningful ways to deter theft. But we also recognize that it’s still disheartening to replace a stolen catalytic converter in a market where product availability and raw material costs are on the rise. That’s why we’ve ramped up production for vehicle owners whose catalytic converters have been stolen within the last 12 months.”


The ACAT Global replacement metallic substrate catalytic converters are Federal and CARB compliant and available at a competitive price. In addition, ACAT Global can etch an identification number on the catalytic converter that a shop can provide to law enforcement for their local database.

“Due to the increasing price of materials, the cost of ceramic catalytic converters may rise up to 300 percent in the coming weeks,” said Moch. “Regrettably, this is happening while theft is on the rise. Fortunately, our Federal compliant metallic core technology is not subject to the same price increase, which means we can deliver better performance, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions at a fair, competitive price. The materials we use to build both our Federal and CARB metallic core converters are also not subject to supply chain issues, so owners can expect quick delivery and get back on the road without any unnecessary delay.”


ACAT Global’s catalytic converters are available as a universal or direct fit system through independent shops across the country. Its reliable metallic catalysts use proprietary technology, engineered for easy installation, form, fit and function.



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