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AASA, Auto Care Association Leaders To Address Freedom Of Choice And Data Access At 2019 Vision Conference

The two association executives will address the path to preserving motorists’ right to choose their vehicle’s service provider and replacement parts.


Hanvey and Long

The leaders of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and the Auto Care Association will inform industry executives at the upcoming 2019 AASA Vision Conference about the actions being taken to ensure freedom of choice and access to data – the most important issue in the aftermarket today and one that impacts the future of all aftermarket stakeholders. The conference is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, at The Henry in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Vision Conference attendees will learn about the current legal landscape, what the associations are doing to lead the fight and the associations’ strategies to achieve a shared goal: To preserve the motorists’ freedom of choice for vehicle maintenance and repairs and with what components he or she chooses.

Bill Long, president and CEO of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) and president and COO of AASA, and Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association, will address this important topic along with Sarah Bruno, partner with MEMA’s legal counsel, Arent Fox.

“We will share the results of research conducted by Arent Fox, MEMA’s legal counsel for more than 30 years, assessing the current legal framework relative to vehicle software, data ownership and privacy, and fair competition to gain a better understanding of potential barriers and/or helpful precedent toward solidifying freedom of choice and data access,” Long said. “Similarly, we are delighted to combine forces with the Auto Care Association and be joined by Bill Hanvey, who will share developments in the Massachusetts Right-to-Repair legislation and our shared view of the secure vehicle interface solution.”

“The Auto Care Association believes car owners should have the right to access and control their own vehicle data, and we’re fighting to put car data back where it belongs – in the hands of car owners,” Hanvey said. “This opportunity to join with AASA in an open discussion of motorists’ freedom of choice and access to data will be critical in educating and moving the industry forward on these important issues.”


“As motor vehicles continue to become more complex and technologically advanced, motorists’ freedom of choice and data access becomes even more urgent,” said Paul McCarthy, AASA executive vice president. “All aftermarket professionals need a clear understanding of these issues now, where we’re headed, and how we can work together for the future of our industry.”

The 2019 AASA Vision Conference opens on Tuesday, April 2, with an industry networking reception at The Henry Ford Museum. The Conference convenes the morning of April 3 with sessions examining critical aftermarket business issues, such as:

  • The “New Retail” Future of the Aftermarket (And How to Win)
  • The Great Tariff Debate
  • How the Aftermarket Will Unfold in 2019-‘20
  • Repairing High-Tech Vehicles

The conference will close with an AASA member-only segment, which will feature Mark Finestone, executive vice president of merchandising for AutoZone, as the “Customer Spotlight” speaker, and also includes a presentation by Adam Goetsch, director of automotive for Amazon.

More information about the AASA Vision Conference agenda, registration and hotel reservations is available at



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