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AAMP Global Unveils New Category Of Telematics Products

Intuitive hardware and software solutions are designed to boost fleet safety, efficiency and profitability.


AAMP Global, an advanced vehicle technology company offering solutions for consumer and commercial vehicles, and its EchoMaster Fleet Solutions division have entered the Telematics space with a new line of products incorporating hardware, software and support.


Featured products and services include asset and fleet trackers, an intelligent dash cam, live streaming video, real-time tracking and nationwide customer service. The Telematics line expands AAMP Global’s current vehicle technology and driving experience solutions for on-road, off-road and off-shore vehicles.

The new Telematics products will allow companies to better monitor their fleets and make more informed and precise strategic business planning and fleet management decisions to increase margins, improve safety and better manage assets. By monitoring heavy equipment, trailers and other assets in real-time, companies will also be able to improve security, utilization, maintenance and uptime.

“AAMP Global and EchoMaster Fleet Solutions are excited to enter this new market with our comprehensive Telematics platform. Our solution will give fleet managers the data and analytics to make the best use case of assets in real-time and for future planning and growth, allowing them to deliver maximum efficiency and profitability,” said Brad Chapple, AAMP Global executive vice president/general manager of commercial/fleet. “These tools have the capability to improve everything from driver safety to a company’s bottom line.”

The Telematics hardware offerings — including two asset trackers, two fleet trackers, and an intelligent dash cam that films live streaming video both outside and inside fleet vehicles — help owners and managers track fleets in real time through tools such as driver management, vehicle health, maintenance management, traffic and route Planning.


A key differentiator is AAMP Global’s monitoring software, powered by M2M in Motion and accessible via tablets, mobile devices (Android and iOS) and PC. This user-friendly single-platform tool gives fleet managers the ability to set up automated reports and notifications, so they can make decisions quickly and effectively, said the company.

“There’s no need to spend hours digging through endless raw data, as all the information you need to know about your fleet is presented to you,” Chapple said. “As a bonus, all this data can help lower insurance costs, as fleets are able to show a long-standing record of safe driving.”


Among the software’s abilities are:

  • Real-time tracking (asset location, vehicle diagnostics, driver management, compliance)
  • Automatic alerts for collisions and other major incidents
  • Monitoring for idling vehicles, engine faults and battery levels
  • Tracking driver speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering incidents (and the ability to set your own parameters, be notified of any violations)
  • Monitoring vehicle maintenance, including costs and trends, to help optimize the maintenance process
  • Mixed fleet management: Tracks both motorized fleet vehicles and nonmotorized hardware (generators, trailers, etc.), all through one platform, a breakthrough in the telematics space
  • Generation of automated reports to simplify fleet analysis
  • Tracking usage and engine hours to predict and schedule maintenance needs automatically
  • Direct comparison of vehicle data and driver data
  • Reduction of paperwork through real-time hours of service monitoring
  • The Safety Coach feature monitors driver behavior to reduce distracted driving, prevent collisions and protect the brand reputation. This feature allows safe drivers to be rewarded, and risky drivers to be identified and coached.

With more than 3,000 installation partners nationwide, AAMP Global can direct large orders to facilities for installation. And plug-and-play harnesses are available for transport trucks for simplified installation (without OBD II inputs). In addition, “always on” product and customer support are not just words, it’s the way that AAMP Global operates.


Customized software training is also offered to all AAMP Global customers. Supporting video files from in-vehicle dash cams are stored in the cloud and can be accessed in multiple ways, including live streaming, manual search by date, or automatic share in the case of a crash or harsh braking incident.

“At the end of the day, EchoMaster Fleet Solutions can now be your go-to option for any commercial Telematics need. We are the most efficient full-service solution provider for Fleet, Commercial and OES, which is matched by the industry’s best customer support,” Chapple said.

For additional information, contact an EchoMaster Fleet Solutions representative or visit



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