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AAM Group Sets Up Scholarship Fund For WD Member Employees

Five students will receive $1,000 toward a two- or four-year program each year.


The AAM Group has announced the establishment of the AAM General Scholarship fund, which is designed to financially support the educational goals of its member warehouse employees and their dependents. Open to all full-time member employees – and their children and grandchildren – each scholarship will pay $1,000 toward the cost of one year of enrollment at a four-year college or two-year technical/trade school. Five winners will be selected each year, and recipients can reapply after their annual award expires.

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Each year’s application period runs from April 15 to May 31, and recipients will be announced by Aug. 15. Scholarship payments will be sent to the school or the recipient in the amount of $500 twice during the award year, paid in September and January upon receipt of proof of enrollment. A committee of independent third-party evaluators will make the five selections each year.

Full eligibility requirements will be posted at each work site location and can also be obtained from warehouse distribution management.