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2022 Richard Miller Education Award Winners Named

Six students were presented with a $1,000 check to help further their education.


The E.R.I. Group is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Richard Miller Education Award. The award to provide financial assistance and encouragement to individuals who wish to further their education or training, has been presented to applicants from E.R.I. member companies for the over 20 years.


Ms. Halle Dyck, Mr. Riley Haugen Mr. Olivier Perron, Ms. Molly Rideout, Ms. Kayla Bird and Mr. Nicholas Stewart were each presented with a $1,000 check to help further their education. We congratulate each of them on their success and wish them well in their chosen vocations. We also applaud all of our applicants this year with furthering their training or education.

Halle Dyck of East St. Paul, Manitoba is attending her 4th year of a five year program from the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Halle is hoping to make a career in civil engineering

Halle Dyck

Riley Haugen of Blackstock, Ontario is entering his 2nd year of a three year program at Centennial College in Automotive Mechanics. Riley plans to pursue a career in the Heavy Truck and Coach sector as a mechanic.

Riley Haugen

Olivier Perron of Rosemere, Quebec is entering his 2nd year of a two year program at Collège André-Grasset in Pure and Applied Sciences. Olivier is completing this course for preparation for his entry into University.

Oliver Perron

Molly Rideout of Plumweseep, New Brunswick is attending her first year of studies in the Arts/Education program at the University Of New Brunswick. Molly hopes to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.

Molly Rideout

Kayla Bird of Burtts Corner, New Bruswick is attending her first year of studies in Business Administration/Accounting at New Brunswick Community College. Kayla is starting her post-secondary education with hopes to one day own her business.

Kayla Burns

Nicholas Stewart of Halifax, Nova Scotia is entering his 3rd year of a four year Urban Design and Planning program at Dalhousie University. After completing the Architectural Drafting progam at NSCC, Nicholas realized his passion lies more in designing everlasting, sustainable and safe cities.

Nicholas Stewart

The E.R.I. Group and the Richard Miller Scholarship Selection Committee are very pleased to be able to help recognize deserving individual members of the E.R.I. family who are motivated to improve their potential for personal fulfillment and make a meaningful contribution to society.



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