DuPont Features Crastin PBT Solutions at K 2022

DuPont Features Crastin PBT Solutions at K 2022

These high laser transmission solutions enable automotive component manufacturers to speed the production and improve the performance of connectors, sensors, ADAS systems and other sensitive electrical components.

DuPont Mobility & Materials announced it will feature new Crastin PBT high laser transmission solutions that enable automotive component manufacturers to speed the production and improve the performance of connectors, sensors, ADAS systems and other sensitive electrical components at the K Fair, October 19-26, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“Now commercially available, DuPont offers a well-rounded portfolio of new Crastin PBT laser welding solutions. These meet the industry’s need for materials optimized for rapid laser welding, while also offering significantly improved levels of hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability,” said Kelvin Tseng, automotive commercial director, DuPont Mobility & Materials.

DuPont says laser welding is widely used as the joining technology of choice for sensitive and miniature applications in the automotive and electronic industries. Because this process does not heat or vibrate the components, it helps prevent damage to internal precision components. Laser welding does not blemish the surface of a part, and ensures a durable connection. In addition, laser welding equipment has advanced to allow for very short cycle times.

Three new Crastin solutions have been developed to offer manufacturers a flexible choice between level of laser transmission, low warpage, and hydrolysis and chemical resistance, DuPont adds. For example, one of the new grades offers up to a 200+% improvement in laser transmission versus the industry benchmark, which enables exceptionally good bonding at rapid cycle times. Another offers improvement in hydrolysis resistance even as it also supports exceptional laser transmission. The third new solution offers superior low-warpage performance coupled with excellent laser transmission, making it an ideal choice for sensors and electronic housings that require high standards of dimensional stability. It too offers the necessary performance in hydrolysis resistance, the company adds.

“Until now, conventional solutions for laser welding have low levels of hydrolysis resistance,” adds Miles Wang, application development director, DuPont Mobility & Materials. “Our new solutions improve laser transmission as well as other properties such as hydrolysis resistance. For our customers, this will create value in both manufacturing and product performance.”

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