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  • O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Responds to Fair Labor Standards Act Suit Allegation

    SPRINGFIELD, MO — A former O’Reilly Automotive employee is suing the auto parts retailer under the Fair Labor Standards Act, alleging that she was not provided with overtime pay that she was due.

    Today, O’Reilly Automotive issued an official statement in response to the suit. David O’Reilly, co-chairman and CEO of O’Reilly, stated, “We have policies that are implemented to make every reasonable effort as an employer to pay overtime to our team members where overtime is owed.”

    There have been published reports indicating that the suit may expand into a collective action lawsuit. O’Reilly said the company believes that once the evidence is examined by a court or jury, O’Reilly Auto Parts will be vindicated in these claims.


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