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    NGK Spark Plugs Unveils ‘Art of Fast’ Social Networking Site

    WIXOM, Mich. – NGK has unveiled a new vehicle for capturing consumer attention. The company this week introduced its new ‘’ online community, a social networking website that brings together nearly every existing popular vehicle community and creates a forum for these users to discuss their vehicles and lifestyles. The site was officially launched on Oct. 6.


    The site allows users to upload vehicle pictures to a virtual garage, schedule local events and connect with thousands of other users.


    “The Art of Fast Community is an extremely exciting project for us,” said Mark Sprague, marketing manager, NGK. “We wanted to create something that would better connect us to our consumers and their passions. This site allows vehicle enthusiasts to engage in online content and get excited about their vehicles in a new way.


    “The vehicles we choose to drive and ride says so much about us as individuals,” Sprague added. “It is truly interesting to take a step back and realize the amount of contemporary culture that has originated from owning and upgrading various vehicles — anything from a scooter to an SUV. This is the kind of self expression that NGK is trying to support with the Art of Fast project."


    This new online experience revolves primarily around the social networking community, but also includes other elements, such as videos, downloads, games and content designed with NGK fans in mind.


    “We think the site provides everything an enthusiast could want,” Sprague said. “We love that there are folks out there who are as enthusiastic about this [their vehicles] as we are. We hope that this site will become the destination for anyone interested in cars, boats, motorcycles – anything that goes fast.”


    Moving forward, NGK intends to rely on input from the community to guide the growth and evolution of the site. New features will continually be added and it will serve as a dynamic platform for car, motorcycle, boat and recreational vehicle enthusiasts.  

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