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    NAPA Ironclad Engines By ATK Receives ‘Supplier Of The Year’ Award From NAPA Under Hood Sales Group

    GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – NAPA Ironclad Engines by ATK has received the “Supplier of the Year 2012” award from the NAPA Under Hood Sales Group in recognition of its outstanding support and service.
    The award was presented to Jerry Register, director of sales for NAPA Ironclad by ATK, and Stephen Ponticelli, account executive, by Tracey Ahart, general manager for the NAPA Under Hood Group.
    “We are honored to be named NAPA Under Hood Sales Group’s 2012 ‘Supplier of the Year’,” said Register. “I would like to thank everyone who worked so diligently to make this distinguished and prestigious award areality: Tracey Ahart, general manager for the NAPA Under Hood Group; Alan Woll, senior market manager; Blake Andrews, product manager; Stephen Ponticelli, account executive; Steve Gamble, vice president sales for ATK; Doug Ross, ATK sales manager; Mark Smith, ATK sales manager; The NAPA Under Hood Group regional managers and district managers and the dedicated support staff at ATK."
    NAPA Ironclad by ATK received the award for NAPA program support, regional promotion support and customer-first flexibility.
    “The NAPA Under Hood Group has been representing NAPA Ironclad product lines to the NAPA Distribution Centers, NAPA AUTO PARTS Stores and NAPA AUTO CARE CENTERS since 2005,” Register added. “NAPA Under Hood Group and NAPA Ironclad work closely together to build a sales strategy and promotions designed to create sales growth for the NAPA system. The NAPA Under Hood Group and our team at NAPA Ironclad provide a network of customer support throughout the NAPA system to help make the NAPA AUTO PARTS Store the designation for NAPA Ironclad Engines & Rear Differentials related products in their market."

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