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    NAPA Brakes Unveils New Adaptive One Hybrid Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

    ATLANTA, GA — NAPA Brakes has unveiled a new type of brake pad designed to adapt to any driving style. According to NAPA Brakes, Adaptive One Hybrid Ceramic Disc Brake Pads are unlike any brake pad on the market today because the inboard and outboard pad in each set has its own specially engineered friction material.

    This formulation was designed to provide long-lasting, dust-free, quiet performance that’s tailored to each driver’s style with coverage focused on passenger cars and light trucks and SUV’s. Adaptive One’s inboard pad is specially formulated for optimal stopping performance , while its outboard pad is specially formulated to reduce noise and dusting, according to the company .

    The Adaptive One disc brake pad features the NRS Noise Abatement System from NUCAP Industries. This patented technology projects teeth (or hooks) from the disc plate into the friction material, locking the two components together and eliminating any chance of edge lift and pad shear between the disc plate and friction — a key design element in providing safe and quiet braking performance.

    Each Adaptive One disc brake pad is specifically designed to react differently during the stop by supplying the appropriate levels of stopping performance. So whether the pads are hot or cold, or the driver is aggressive or conservative behind the wheel, Adaptive One provides consistent pedal feel with the best possible combination of stopping power, noise abatement and low dusting qualities, the company said.

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