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  • Manufacturer’s Rep Directory

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    Company Name/ Principal Name Product Groups Territories Contact Info

    Action Marketing LLC

    George Patterson

    tools/equipment, hard parts, traditional distribution, heavy-duty distribution OR, WA, AK, HI

    Ph. 503-581-9006

    F. 503-581-7938

    Action Sales+Marketing

    Dan West, Dan Sitzberger

    traditional hard parts, heavy duty, hardware, mass merchant, farm and home, electronics MN, IL, WI, ND, SD, MO, KS, IA, NE

    Ph. 1-800-328-0289

    F. 952-545-1056

    Advantage Marketing Specialists, LLC

    Jay MacLeod, William D. Berk

    hard parts, chemicals, accessories, electronics, suspension, heavy under car, brakes USA, Europe

    Ph. 203-245-9498

    F. 503-581-0679

    Aftermarket Sales & Solutions Group Inc.

    Remi Welch

    Automotive, heavy duty, retail, specialty, hardware, marine, industrial Canada

    Ph. 705-435-3299

    F. 416-574-0761

    Aftermarket Sales, Inc.

    Pete Siano

    all product categories Metro NY, NJ, and Middle Atlantic States

    Ph. 732-617-0064

    F. 732-617-0065

    Alan Steine & Associates, Inc.

    Bob Steine, President

    automotive parts, chemicals, accessories Rocky Mountain States, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia

    Ph. 303-368-8850

    F. 303-368-7407

    All World Automotive

    Kirk Rocheford

    all product categories Worldwide

    Ph. 952-461-3601

    F. 952.461-3603

    AMMSQ & Associates

    paint and body equipment NC, SC, GA, FL

    F. 704-782-9225

    Arrowhead Marketing

    Doug Hoaglund, Scott Katzman

    automotive and truck parts and accessories, automotive sound, video and security MN, SD, ND, WI

    Ph. 763-717-3041

    F. 763-785-0480

    Associated Sales & Marketing, Inc. - Aftermarket Sales Division

    Frank Muller, Bob Robin, Jeff Karol, Jim D'Amico

    automotive aftermarket, catalog houses, farm and home stores, heavy duty truck and fleet specialists, high performance markets, national retail accounts, hardware chains, drug chains, convenience store feeders IL, WI, IN

    Ph. 708-799-6650

    F. 708-799-6680

    Atlantic Sales & Marketing

    Bruce Setter, Howard Palis, Bob Rubin

    parts, chemicals, tools, PBE Mid Atlantic, Northeast

    Ph. 732-671-6940

    F. 732--671-6941

    Auto Parts Acquisition, LLC

    Cumsa Distribution

    transponder key, key blanks, ignition lock, locksets, solenoids, electrical switches, marine switches USA, Canada, Mexico, Rest of the World

    Ph. 956-838-2480

    F. 512-857-0109

    Automotive Aftermarket Representatives (AAR), Division of Stan Padover Associates, Inc.

    Stan Padover, President; Michael Padover, Vice President; Doris Padover, Executive Vice President; Linda Padover, Secretary/Treasurer

    hard parts, accessories, chemicals, performance, export NY, NJ, Eastern PA, MD, DE, DC, Northern VA, PR, DR, NE

    Ph. 516-794-7770

    F. 516-794-1296

    Braas/Creech, Inc.

    Jeff McHale, Principal

    OE, retail, traditional, heavy duty, industrial, MRO & special markets WA, OR, AL, British Columbia

    Ph. 425-485-9509

    F. 425-486-5199

    Caribbean Parts Agency

    Emilio Colon, President

    Tenneco Automotive, Monroe Brakes, Monroe Shocks and Struts, Rancho Suspension Systems, Walker, DynoMax, Thrush, Bladwin Filters, Hastings Filters, ACL Bearings, Delphi, Dacco Transmission Parts, MAS Industries Puerto Rico, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Guyana, St. Thomas, St. George, St. Croix

    Ph. 787-740-6191

    F. 787-798-3910

    Cascadia Sales Inc.

    Keith Maguire

    electrical, lightinig, photoluminescent exit signage British Columbia, Canada

    Ph. 604-380-1858

    F. 604-380-1859

    Centrum Marketing Services, Inc.

    Greg Chess, Jerry Guernsey

    automotive, hardware, industrial IN, MI, KY, OH, WV, Western PA

    Ph. 260-432-8001

    F. 260-436-0072

    Cima International LLC

    Chip Carlson

    all product categories Mexico

    Ph. 440-398-0108

    F. 440-398-0393

    Citation Marketing

    Robert Brow

    automotive and heavy duty Canada

    Ph. 800-661-5058

    F. 905-595-0755

    Connolly Sales & Marketing

    Jim Connolly

    automotive replacement hardparts, supplies and chemicals Upstate NY, Western PA

    Ph. 585-624-2723

    F. 585-624-8142

    Daymon Worldwide

    Jason Richter

    all front room and back room categories USA

    Ph. 952-715-5159

    Dolan-Lynch Sales, Inc.

    Terry Dolan, Bill Lynch

    traditional, undercar, heavy duty, tool & equipment, PB&E CT, RI, MA, ME, VT, NH, NY, NJ, PA, DE

    Ph. 860-646-9895

    F. 860-646-6124

    E & T Sales, Inc.

    Ken Takaki, President

    autmotive accessories Hawaii, Japan

    Ph. 808-596-2002

    F. 808-597-8126

    Egan Sales Associates

    Bill Egan

    DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, DC and specific National Accounts

    Ph. 410-252-1283

    F. 410-252-3689

    Eighner Associates Southeast

    Mike Eighner, President

    automotive, heavy duty, accessories, chemicals and tools VA, NC, SC, FL, GA, AL, AR, LA, MS, TN, MO

    Ph. 731-584-4060

    F. 731-584-4061

    G.N. Freund Associates, Inc.

    Gregg Wood, George Freund

    heat transfer, electrical, safety triangle and mud flaps, LED lighting, psi and temp switches Oregon & Washington

    Ph. 503-297-2776

    F. 503-292-4990

    Gentsch & Associates, Inc.

    Geoffrey Gentsch

    automotive, petroleum and industrial equipment OH, MI

    Ph. 330-666-7500

    F. 330-666-5420

    Glazier Sales Associates

    Michael Glazier

    automotive and truck hard parts, replacement parts Metro NY, Northern NJ

    Ph. 203-222-8572

    F. 203-222-8590

    Grand Companies

    Greg Musgrave, Dan Pierce, Gary Taylor

    parts, tools, equipment VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL, MS

    Ph. 901-217-3984

    F. 901-217-1674

    Grant Brothers Sales Limited

    John D. Grant

    automotive, heavy duty and hardware Canada

    Ph. 905-677-7299

    F. 905-677-9828

    Grinold-O'Brien Sales

    Doug O'Brien

    all product groups New England CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, VT New York Metro & Upstate Northern New Jersey Western Pennsylvania

    Ph. 781-784-0040

    F. 781-784-0088

    Hansen Sales, Inc.

    Ralph Hansen

    automotive and heavy duty products New England-All Six States

    Ph. 603-773-9645

    F. 1-866-775-2508

    Harvey Associates, Inc.

    Scott Anderson, John McMullen

    automotive hard parts, undercar parts, underhood parts, chemicals New England, Upstate New York

    Ph. 617-277-4843

    F. 617-277-3444

    Hirsig-Frasier Co., Inc.

    Wally Lyssy, President

    automotive, heavy duty, retail, specialty, hardware, marine, industrial TX, OK, AR, LA, NE, KS, MO, IO, TN, AL, MS

    Ph. 972-680-8703

    F. 972-669-2336

    Insight Plus, Inc

    Rick Engleman

    MN, WI and National Accounts

    Ph. 763-208-7857

    J. M. Garcia Internacional, S.A. de C.V.

    Paola Solis Castro, Juan Manual Garcia, Robert Garcia-Beldger

    AFA (Brazil), plastic hose and tubing for automotive, industrial OE and aftermarket; Bendix Hydraulic (Honeywell) automotive aftermarket; Niagara Plastics, caps for OC and aftermarket contamination protection All states of Mexico, including the border zone

    Ph. 5255-5572-1308; 5255-5562-6962; 5255-5562-4026

    F. 5255-5562-1307; 5255-5562-4194


    Jeff Owen, President

    chemicals, hard parts, novelties; customer base: retail, traditional, warehouse, distributors, group members VA, NC, SC, TN, MS, AL, GA, FL

    Ph. 704-847-4777

    F. 704-847-6991

    Kitchin & Sons, Inc.

    Tom Kitchin

    hard parts, tools, chemicals and accessories MI, OH, IN, KY, Western PA, WVA

    Ph. 765-962-9565

    F. 765-966-2822

    Kunshan HuaSheng Electronics Co., Ltd. (Wieson Group)

    Watson Ru

    Wireless TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and HID xenon headlight China

    Ph. 0086-512-57446222 ext. 7411

    F. 0086-512-57446333

    Larry Haswell & Associates

    Larry W. Haswell, President

    Product lines: SB International, Inc.; Mahle, Inc. (Aftermarket), U.S. Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., ROL Gaskets, Safety Auto Parts, SPX Timing, Silver Seal Products, Kleen Products TX, OK, AR, LA Mahle and U.S. Tool in MO, KS, NE

    Ph. 405-794-4335

    F. 405-794-4335

    Manufacturers Reps. Co.

    Dick Berreman, Owner

    product lines: hard parts, brakes, bearings, rubber, re-man, sensors CA and Foreign Specialists Nationally

    Ph. 714-444-1323

    F. 714-444-1746

    Marathon Sales and Marketing International Inc./

    Eric Liebovitz, AAP, President

    product lines: hard parts, accessories, chemicals, performance Canada, U.S., Mexico

    Ph. 416-302-1515

    Marc Alan Associates

    all product categories Metro NY, NJ, Mid-Atlantic States

    Ph. 201-487-8400

    F. 201-487-8396

    McConaughey Associates Northeast

    Mark McConaughey, President

    application parts, accessories, chemicals New England, Metro NY/NJ, Middle Atlantic: ME, NH, VT, RI, MA, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, PA, DC

    Ph. 401-886-8400

    F. 408-886-9985

    Metrol Reps, Inc.

    Bill Lorenzo

    hard parts, engine parts, chemicals, HD, marine and accessories ME, VT, NH, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, OH, MD, VA

    Ph. 973-485-1001

    F. 973-485-1503

    Midlakes Sales Inc.

    I. Bowes, President; S. Bowes, Sales Manager

    ingition, ingnition coils, electrical relays/switches U.S., Canada

    Ph. 315-252-6543

    F. 315-252-6544

    N. A. Williams Co.

    Neal Williams, Roger McCollum, Chris Williams, Ridley Williams

    all wholesale and retail automtive, heavy duty, performance and truck products VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, TN, IN, MO, IA, NE, KS, IL, WI, MN, ND, SD, TX, OK, LA, AR

    Ph. 770-433-2282

    F. 770-433-8174

    Nation Sales

    Jeff Owen, President

    chemicals, hard parts, novelties; customer base: retail, traditional, warehouse, distributors, group members Mid West -- MO, LA, NE, KS, Southern IL

    Ph. 417-520-0464

    F. 417-520-0466

    One Eleven Group

    Tom Grossi

    all automotive product groups MI, OH, W. PA

    Ph. 248-489-8810

    F. 248-489-5929

    Peterson Sales Co.

    Bill S. Hoeynck

    automotive, heavy duty, hardware, PBE, farm stores, feeders MO, IO, NE, KS, Southern IL, Western KY

    Ph. 636-256-3879

    F. 636-256-7115

    R/T Performance Marketing

    Tim Craig, Ron Pasquale, Ross Mohrmann

    wipers, chemicals, lighting, hose clamps, accessories Specialize in the "installer market" in U.S. and Canada

    Ph. 615-599-6889

    F. 615-376-6211

    RH Downing, Inc.

    Bill Downing, Todd Downing

    all product categories OH, MI, IN, KY, NY, WV

    Ph. 330-253-9124

    F. 330-253-9130


    Bob Sabo, Mark Roach, Scott Govig

    aftermarket parts, industrial, hardware, retail MI, IN

    Ph. 248-388-3400

    F. 248-542-5824

    Rocky Mountains Marketing Co.

    E. Paige Lanier

    all product categories NM, CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, NV, AZ, El Paso, TX

    Ph. 719-591-6203

    Rosenthal Fleet Parts Sales, Inc.

    Larry Rosenthal

    heavy duty parts and accessories Northern NJ (south to Lakewood), Long Island, NY: Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Dutchess Counties

    Ph. 516-621-4141

    F. 516-624-4141

    Sartorius AG

    Dr. Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO and President (biotechnology); Dr. Guenther Maaz, President (mechatronics)

    biotechnology & mechatronics segments, laboratory & process supplier Global

    Ph. +49 551 308 0

    Sartorius Corporation

    Mary Lavin, President and Managing Director; Gil Davis Account Support Manager, Paint Division

    paint mixing scales and terminals North America (US/CAN)

    Ph. 800-635-2906

    F. 631-254-4252

    Scully Lemoine Marketing Associates Inc

    Kenneth Lemoine, Wayne Scully

    parts, tools, equipment and accessories; general supplies including specialty lubricants 6 New England states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island

    Ph. 508-620-1675

    F. 508-872-4914

    Service Sales

    Denny Hershey

    hard parts, accessories, chemicals, tools OH, MI, IN, KY, W. PA, IL

    Ph. 216-464-0050

    F. 216-464-5628

    Sherman-Pearson Company

    John Stojak, President

    automotive and truck replacement parts and accessories OH, MI, IL, KY, NY, PA, WV, WI

    Ph. P. 216-464-3094

    F. 216-464-7111

    Siskel Sales Co.

    Bill Siskel, Bill Lorenz

    OE replacement parts, hard parts, heavy duty parts, retail accessories, retail services IL, WI, IN, KY, MN, ND, SD, MO, IA, KS, NE

    Ph. 847-256-4400

    F. 847-446-4446

    Solution Finish, LLC

    Chris West

    auto care, car care chemicals USA & Canada

    Ph. 714-307-8780

    Specialty Sales and Marketing

    John Vanstone, Ken Coulter

    automotive hard parts, underhood, undercar, hardware, PBE, engine, accessories, chemicals Canada

    Ph. 905-816-0011

    F. 905-816-0411

    SRS Marketing Co., Inc.

    James Shapiro, Robert Slemmer

    automotive hard parts, underhood, undercar, hardware PBE, engine, accessories, chemicals Mid Atlantic, Western PA, Northern VA, Metro NY, Upstate NY, New England

    Ph. 215-830-5000

    F. 215-830-5001

    SRS Marketing Co., Inc.

    Robert Riefberg

    automotive hard parts, underhood, undercar, hardware PBE, engine, accessories, chemicals Northern New Jersey, New York

    Ph. 516-997-8882

    F. 516-997-9710

    Strategic Marketing LLC

    Kirk Hastings, Dewayne Weatherford

    OE replacement parts, tradional hard parts, heavy duty parts, performance & retail accessories, PB & E products, tools Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana

    Ph. 214-726-9884

    F. 210-408-6612

    Superior Marketing

    Edwin Garrett, Ross Stark

    automotive, heavy duty, industrial CO, NM, El Paso, TX, AZ, UT, ID, MT, WY

    Ph. 303-753-6226

    F. 303-753-9300

    Synergy Sales Group

    Art Zamora, Larry McCoy, Ed Lee

    automotive, heavy duty, hardware, PBE, tools & equipment, industrial TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, TN, Northern Border of Mexico - El Paso to Brownsville

    Ph. 713-942-0641

    F. 713-942-2061

    TASCO Sales Rep

    Cal Wilkins, Mark Allison

    Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

    Ph. 1-800-722-8272

    F. 901-365-6910

    Ted Sibilsky Sales

    Ted W. Sibilsky

    automotive aftermarket, OEM and heavy duty distributors, hardware and industrial WI, IL, ND, SD, MI (Upper Penninsula)

    Ph. 262-544-9541

    F. 262-549-6806

    Terry Barr Sales, LLC

    Terrence Barr

    OE, OES, Aftermarket North America, EU

    Ph. 248-358-5200

    F. 248-358-5382

    The Kayes Co., Inc

    Pat Sheffer

    all products Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pa, Michigan

    Ph. 614-481-8811

    F. 614-488-6829

    The Racing Rep

    Neal Williamson

    Comp Cams, DTS, KB Pistons, NRE, TCI, Fast, Zex, Mustang Dynos, XRP, Dynatech, US Brake Western U.S.

    Ph. 916-482-9940

    F. 916-482-9945

    Thomas Sales & Marketing

    Ron Thomas, Rita Thomas

    specializing in internal engine parts for OEM, aftermarket, heavy-duty, performance, industrial, agriculture and marine markets MI, IN, KY, PA, OH, IL, WI, NY, TN

    Ph. 317-846-7024

    F. 317-846-9354

    Thomas Sales Company

    Ron Thomas,Tracy Thomas

    specializing in internal engine parts for aftermarket, heavy duty, agriculture, industrial, OEM, performance and marine markets MI, IN, KY, PA, OH, WV Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio and W. Virginia

    Ph. 317-846-7024

    F. 317-846-9354

    Trans Tech

    Eric Gilfort, President

    automotive, tire and heavy duty ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, Eastern PA

    Ph. 508-833-6524

    Trans-Western Marketing, Inc.

    Jack A. M. Ancich

    automotive and heavy duty aftermarket parts and accessories, hard-line goods, chemical/oil products, RV parts and accessories West Coast (WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, ID, NM, MT, UT)

    Ph. 253-460-0326

    F. 253-564-9245

    Vantage Marketing Global, Inc.

    Michael Antonelli, President; Ivonne Forsthoefel, Vice President

    (sales to co-manufacturers and importer/distributors) automotive switches, spark plug wire sets, oxygen sensors, ignition coils, hydraulic brake & clutch cylinder, brake disc and brake drums, Koyo bearings (Mid Atlantic Territory Only), diesel glow plugs and solenoids, automotive & industrial tooling North America

    Ph. 716-775-0824

    F. 716-775-1624

    VSA Inc.

    Dick Cole, Dallas Pitman

    automotive, petroleum and industrial equipment TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, KS, MO

    Ph. 214-353-0765

    F. 216-352-6087

    Wayne W. Krantz & Associates, Inc.

    under car & under hood including HP Drive Train; clutch, struts, CV axles, alignment parts - engine controls; OE wire sets, O2 sensors; rotating electrical; internal engine parts California & Nevada

    Ph. 916-996-6456 (Wayne Krantz), 209-610-9908 (Ray Foote)

    York Sales and Marketing

    Scott York

    automotive and light truck repalcement parts, chemical, accessories, tools and equipment, PBE Texas

    Ph. 281-658-5360

    F. 281-491-3835