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Pro Motor Engines Wins 2008 MAHLE Engine Builder Showdown
June 4, 2008
By aftermarketNews staff

MOORESVILLE, NC -- Dennis Borem and Darrell Hoffman of Pro Motor Engines wasted no time in the 15 minutes and 59 seconds it took to win the 2008 MAHLE Engine Builder Showdown on May 20. They came away with the Randy Dorton Memorial Trophy and a cash prize of $26,000, as well as bragging rights for another year -- they are winners two years in a row now having taken last year's top prize with a 16:25 build.

At right: Pro Motor Engine's Dennis Borem and Darell Hoffman set a new record at the 2008 MAHLE Engine Builder Showdown.

Runners-up Mike Kasch and Jim Snyder of Roush Yates Racing Engines received $9,000. Kasch was a winner at the first Engine Builder Showdown held nine years ago.

The final round of the 2008 Engine Builder Showdown, hosted by MAHLE Clevite Inc. took place at the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, N.C., on May 20 before an enthusiastic crowd of several thousand excited on-lookers.

"Last year we felt a 16:25 build would be hard to top or even equal. But this year's event, with a record 15:59 build, was simply amazing. Now we have to wonder what is next for the Showdown," said Jesse Jones, manager - marketing for MAHLE Clevite Inc. A record 23 teams from 10 of the best known NASCAR engine shops took part in the competition. "MAHLE Clevite is proud to continue our support of NASCAR engine builders with p rod ucts that exemplify quality and performance," Jones said.

The Engine Builder Showdown is a tiered four-round competition for professional engine builders who assemble race engines for NASCAR teams. Participating teams - two engine builders per team - vie to build and successfully run a Sprint Cup 357-cubic-inch Ford Engine in the shortest time possible.

Winners of the 2008 Showdown, the Pro Motor Engines team of Dennis Borem and Darrell Hoffman were runners up in the 2006 Showdown before winning the 2007 event.

Winner Dennis Borem has worked on muscle cars since he was in high school. According to Borem, his interest in stock car racing and road racing fueled his passion for building engines for NASCAR. He has 25 years of experience in engine building and has been with Pro Motor for 23 years.

Teammate and fellow-winner Darrell Hoffman says his interest in engine building began with racing dirt cars. He has 20 years of experience in engine building and has been at Pro Motor Engines for 5 years.

Here is a complete list of the 23 NASCAR engine builder teams who participated in the 2008 MAHLE Clevite Engine Builder Showdown:

· Bill Davis Racing: Robert Scott and Matt Flogel

· Chip Ganassi Racing: Mike Lanci and Jesse Hardee; Brad Thrower and Todd Hamm; Kevin Stoa and Ben Coward

· Earnhardt Childress Racing: Greg Gunnel and Joe London; Bill Brunker and Mark Purvis; Freddie Turza and Matt Lombardi; Brian Somers and Gary Hocking; Brian Price and Shawn Redwine; Keith Newcomer and Matt Beaver; Wesley Adams and Camron Brown; Chris Mathis and Travis Howlett

· Gillett Evernham Engines: Philip Wright and Rob Fisher

· Hendrick Motorsports: Mike Maiwald and Shane Parsnow; Kevin Webber and Scott Vester

· Pro Motor Engines: Dennis Borem and Darrell Hoffman

· Roush Yates Engines: Mike Kasch and Jim Snyder; Kent Mashburn and David Hamm; Trey Davis and Brian Buttrick; Mike Robinson and Andy Spicer; Mark Dorr and Chris Davala · Penske Jasper Engines: Kelly Thacker and Mark Cuzzen

· Triad Racing Development: Mike DiMascio and Ben Morris

On May 19, the following four teams went head-to-head at the semifinals. They were:

- Trey Davis and Brian Buttrick from Roush Yates Racing Engines versus Dennis Borem and Darrell Hoffman from Pro Motor Engines

- Jim Snyder and Mike Kasch from Roush Yates Racing Engines versus Mike Maiwald and Shane Parsnow from Hendrick Motorsports

Borem and Hoffman and Kasch and Snyder won these contests, and faced each other in the final showdown.