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    Huzl Named CEO of Hendrick Automotive Group

    From Charlotte Observer

    CHARLOTTE, NC — Motorsports mogul Rick Hendrick announced a new chief executive for his Hendrick Automotive Group and other personnel shuffling for his business entities this week.

    Jim Huzl is being promoted to automotive group president and CEO effective July 1. Huzl succeeds Jim Perkins, who is becoming the first president and COO of the Hendrick Cos., an organization recently formed to manage initiatives of Hendrick’s various business enterprises.

    Three new senior vice presidents will share Huzl’s former duties as COO: Tom Blocker, Kirk Heppler and Gary Davis.

    Longtime Hendrick associate Bobby Rice has been named executive vice president of the Hendrick Cos. and special adviser to the chairman. Rice also will work in a consultative capacity with Hendrick Motorsports, which fields several NASCAR racing teams.

    Hendrick’s group is one of the nation’s largest privately held auto retailers with 68 franchises, 4,000 employees and more than $3.5 billion in revenue.

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