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    East Penn Announces Expansion of Duracell Battery Products

    EAST PENN, Pa. – East Penn Manufacturing has significantly expanded its line of Duracell battery products. The newly expanded line has more than 60 automotive battery part numbers to provide one of the widest selections for passenger cars, LTVs and SUVs.
    The new Duracell line also offers more choices for heavy-duty deep cycle service and high-powered starting solutions for marine, commercial, agricultural, golf car, power sports, lawn and garden and a variety of deep cycle applications. The Duracell offering includes different design technologies such as AGM, EHP and HP to meet customers’ specific needs.
    Duracell AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are part of the SMARTPOWER initiative to provide dependable battery power at peak efficiency and performance with the highest regard for consumer value and convenience, East Penn says.
    Designed for more efficient recharging, these batteries actually recover faster in the vehicle’s charging system than conventional designs, to deliver more accessory power longer. According to the company, Duracell AGM batteries are also 20 times more resistant to vibration and built with DuraMAT components that provide a fast-acting, more efficient power. The battery also features a premium spill-proof, maintenance-free design that East Penn says delivers superior convenience and safety.
    Duracell EHP (Extra High Performance) batteries utilize special features to withstand higher temperature conditions. Reinforced internal components and a special plate active formula helps deliver superior life and maintenance-free performance in any climate.
    The HP (High Performance) line provides another premium quality battery choice that strategically integrates value with high performance to deliver maximum reliability, longevity and cranking power, according to East Penn.
    All Duracell batteries are made with the most advanced computerized equipment with stringent testing and quality control checks to ensure dependability, the company says. Internal components are made from the finest raw material resources that are tested by the latest equipment for purity, quality and performance. Advanced technological features have been incorporated throughout the entire battery design to deliver the trusted reliability and longevity you would expect from Duracell, East Penn adds.
    For more information on Duracell’s expanded battery offering, visit

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