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LKQ Helps the Environment 'Get Green' with New Promotion
April 22, 2010
By aftermarketNews staff
CHICAGO -- LKQ Corp. is celebrating Earth Day by kicking off a new promotion for its customers and those who want to help the environment. LKQ will plant a tree in honor of each person who visits the website and enters a valid email address between April 22 and June 30.

"Choosing to buy recycled car and truck parts is an easy way for our customers to do something good for the environment, but for Earth Day, we wanted to give them a chance to do even more to ‘Get Green with LKQ," said Robert Wagman, senior vice president of operations, Wholesale Parts Division for LKQ. "We also wanted to open up the opportunity to be green to anyone who signs up at our website."

Wagman also pointed out that LKQ is committed to helping the environment year-round. "We always celebrate Earth Day, but for us, being green is just the way we do business, not a once-a-year event."

Last year, LKQ processed more than 492,000 vehicles, which is equivalent to recycling about 540,000 tons of steel (or more steel than the Willis Tower, Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower and the Beijing National Stadium, the world's largest steel structure, combined), 47,000 tons of aluminum (equivalent to 3.2 billion aluminum cans), and 13,000 tons of copper. Through its operations, LKQ helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 890,000 tons, which is about the same as the annual emissions of a city of 82,000 people.