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RepairPal Launches Free iPhone Application
January 22, 2009
By aftermarketNews staff
EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- RepairPal, a new online resource for auto repair and maintenance information, has launched the first iPhone application to offer consumers auto repair pricing and roadside assistance when they need it most: on the road or at any repair shop.

Whether it’s diagnosing a problem, getting a fair repair price or finding the right technician, RepairPal gives drivers the information they need to save money and eliminate hassles, the company says. RepairPal for iPhone combines the features of the website with the location-based functionality of the iPhone.

“We’re proud to give consumers the critical, money saving auto repair information they’ve been asking for on a mobile platform, anytime, anywhere,” said David Sturtz, CEO, “RepairPal for the iPhone is the first application for a mobile device that gives drivers an accurate and convenient way to access information they need for free when they’re on the go.”

RepairPal for iPhone is available now, free of charge, for the iPhone or iPod Touch (with operating system version 2.0) at the iTunes App Store ( under the name “RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert.”

For more information about RepairPal for iPhone, please visit: