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Dave Bowman Leaves "Two Guys Garage" and Brenton Productions
February 13, 2006

TAMPA, FL -- Dave Bowman, co-star and producer of “Two Guys Garage,” has formed a new automotive television production division under Dave Bowman Enterprises.

Bowman, president of Dave Bowman Enterprises, announced the formation of Bowman Television Productions (BTP), a new division of DBE, specializing in automotive television production and post production. The BTP division marks a new venture in Bowman's successful career in which he pioneered cable TV automotive programming and advertising, working with television advertisers to develop successful television media properties by integrating product into show content. This has enabled small companies to experience television advertising to their targeted audience for the first time at low risk and cost. The new division will be headquartered here.

For fifteen years, Bowman pioneered automotive “how-to” television, beginning with “Shadetree Mechanic,” seen on The Nashville Network (TNN). Bowman co-hosted the show as well as sold placements and developed the show content. Starting in 1992, with a successful run of ten years, “Shadetree Mechanic” was the first automotive repair show on national television. Bowman went on to create and co-host “Crank & Chrome,” an automotive performance show seen on TNN. Bowman also created “Hi Rev Tuners” for the SPEED Channel; the show was the first sports compact show seen on a national network. He later created “Truck Universe” and created and co-hosted “Two Guys Garage” for the SPEED Channel.

Bowman was President and co-owner of Brenton Productions where he co-produced and marketed automotive enthusiast programs for cable television. According to Bowman, he left Brenton Productions and “Two Guys Garage” to develop new and different automotive enthusiast and motorsports programming for cable television.

“Performance enthusiasts want more information on the latest in performance equipment and know-how. Consumers want more information about their second largest expenditure, the car, whether it is car care information or their next vehicle purchase,” Bowman points out. “The new division will develop unique programming aimed at a variety of enthusiasts and consumer market segments.”


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