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Akzo Nobel to "De-Mystify Lean" at NACE in Vegas Style Show
October 8, 2007

NORCROSS, GA -- Akzo Nobel has announced plans to sponsor the NACE General Session on Nov. 2. The program, “De-Mystifying Lean” & Creating Process Centered Environments, promises to be one of the most unique presentation formats found at NACE 2007, according to show organizers.

Mike Sillay, services manager for Akzo Nobel Car Refinish Americas, commented on the program, “We felt that bringing clarity to the issue of lean processes was one of the most pertinent subjects that we could address. Michael Giarizzo, president of DCR Systems and a pioneer on the subject of lean within collision repair, suggested that we bring a fresh approach to the benefit of embracing lean practices.”

Akzo Nobel will present “Ray’s the Bar,” a theatrical approach never before utilized by a NACE sponsor. The format choice recognizes that information presented in an entertaining style will produce the greatest retention and benefit to the listening audience.

“We listen to our customers and Las Vegas is known for its great shows. This was a natural fit,” said Tim Loden, director of marketing for Akzo Nobel Car Refinish Americas. Loden continued, “When you have industry leaders such as Michael Giarizzo, John Beckworth, Ken Friesen and Doug Kirk willing to support and participate in your effort, you know you have a compelling subject and a winning cast.”

Curtain goes up on “Ray’s the Bar” at 8:30 am in the South Pacific Ballroom at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.