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Remy Signs Long-Term Supply Agreement With Turkish Electric Vehicle Company
June 14, 2012
By aftermarketNews staff

PENDLETON, Ind. – Remy International announced it has signed a long-term supply agreement with DMA (Derindere) in Istanbul, Turkey. DMA will use Remy's HVH 250 motor to power its all electric sedan.

DMA will install Remy's HVH 250 machine as the traction motor in the 5-passenger all electric sedan, which will be available during the third quarter of 2012.
"DMA is an established innovator in the electric and hybrid vehicle space," said Kevin Quinn, Remy Electric Motors vice president and general manager. "We are proud to partner with them in bringing advanced hybrid technologies into their growing market."
The DMA PHEV Sedan will feature the comfort of a touring sedan and the fuel efficiency of a parallel hybrid system. DMA expects an all-electric range of 35 miles and a hybrid operational range of 400 miles. Delivering performance that is superior to most internal combustion engines, the PHEV will achieve a top speed of 100mph (160kph), according to Remy.
The pursuit of hybrid and electric motor solutions is especially significant in Turkey, which has the highest fuel costs among members of the European Union. Turkey's Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK) is currently conducting studies to facilitate stability in the energy markets. The Remy/DMA partnership supports their suggested transportation manufacturing initiatives, Remy says.
"Remy's HVH 250 is the perfect solution for our PHEV sedan," said Onder Yol, CEO of DMA. "We provide long-term leases and short-term rentals for a variety of fleet and private customers. As a self-contained organization with a 40-year history of operating multiple dealerships, we must provide our customers with a platform that is reliable and efficient, especially in these challenging times. Remy's HVH 250 delivers world-class performance in all categories."
DMA is a joint venture between Promeks Dis Ticaret, A.S., and Derindere Otomotiv, A.S. DMA has been involved in the research and development of electric vehicles for more than six years. The company operates a self-insured, long-term leasing company with more than 14,000 cars, a short-term rental company with more than 2,000 cars, and multi-vehicle dealerships including one of the largest Toyota dealerships in Europe.